Resoa Protocol Stack

Protocol stack for Resoa grid messages

resoa.stack project provides a protocol stack implementation with very slight header structures for achieving maximum processing speed and bandwidth.

All Resoa grid connections are managed and secured by this stack.



  • Channel / application domain based message categorization
  • Protocol de-/activation possible for every single message, based on BIT settings
  • Message prioritization, based on fragmentation with configurable size (default 8192 bytes)
  • Optional GZIP compression of each single message
  • Optional 128/256 bit AES encryption of each single message
  • 1024/2048 bit public/private key authentication interface (RSA) for new connection setup
  • Optional digital signature. Each message might be wrapped by a XML, encrypting and signing the original content
  • Transaction request, commit and rollback  support (this enables synchronous message handling)
  • Connection monitoring with automatic reconnection by TCPClients,
  • Multiple Server IP addressing with random server selection. This allows client controlled load balancing strategies.
  • Server side Java NIO / .net asynchronous socket/multi-threading architecture for high scalability of concurrent sessions