Resoa Java/JSON Services

What is Resoa ?

  • Choose a design and code generation framework first and design your service object model. First comes the Service, this is the central motto of Resoa. We¬†internally use XSD and JAXB, but any other¬†design framework might we used as well.
  • Services are invoked¬†by clients (browser, mobile apps or whatever). Here we talk Javascript, web applications use AJAX/JSON HTTP request for Resoa server communication. You need an API for your Java enterprise server, which can handle the JSON requests. This API¬†should be¬†auto-generated out of your service object model as well.¬†JSR 311 & JSR 339 specifications do not completely fit to this requirements.
  • HTTP service request should¬†find the associated Java business service implementation, best without any web.xml / other configuration or manually added annotations. Services should work with typesafe Java objects, there should be an easy way for sending responses, and you most probably need access to local or enterprise services¬†like¬†persistence.
  • Resoa was designed for running within grids. Performance, scalability and reliability should be a must for 24/7 applications, achievable with low budget investements (virtual server / cloud server ready).
  • Security and session&permission management is always a big issue for services running within a grid/cloud. Still there is no common standard within eyeshot. Far from it, web site design and content management more and more gets dominated by out of the box PHP¬†or NodeJS applications with¬†proprietary authentication and authorization mechanism. We’d suggest to¬†focus on your business specific Rest API, offering a documented and secure user communication by using JSON/Javascript, a common standard over all platforms.

Resoa does not define a new standard or reinvent the wheel, it offers a crowd of solutions for bridging existing open source standards to meet the above requirements. We like you to work  with one object model for your business only, beginning from the web to the persistent back-end.

How to proceed:

  • Read about coding services
  • Understand the ResoaGateway functionality and deployment within Java containers
  • Play with the Javascript code generation
  • Start using Resoa Persistence