Resoa consists of four projects, additionally we published a testing project. Add a repository with the URL to your build file.

Contains tools and utilities for Java/JSON, i.e.

  • Tools for Resoa service management
  • JSON serialization
  • Javascript code generation

GroupID: org.resoa, Artifact-ID:


Resoa service gateway implementation.

  • ResoaGateway interfaces and implementations for stand alone and grid connected containers
  • Web container integration (ServletContextListener)
  • Rest/JSON to Java service mapping

GroupID: org.resoa, Artifact-ID: resoa.node


Resoa persistence implementation for service containers

  • Resoa Persistor (implementing ResoaPersistence)
  • DatabaseTransition implementation for SQL and BTREE storage backends
  • Persistence services for MASTER/SLAVE management and grid synchronization

GroupID: org.resoa, Artifact-ID: resoa.persistence


Protocol stack implementation for Resoa grid communication.

GroupID: org.resoa, Artifact-ID: resoa.stack


Service model used for testing. Utilities for building test cases

GroupID: org.resoa, Artifact-ID: resoa.testing

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